December 2014 – Holiday Toy Sorting With Salvation Army/Animal Shelter Volunteering With SPCA

Our December event was probably our best yet. We put together boxes of toys for families in need with the Salvation Army at their warehouse in Hampden. We had so much interest that we also had an additional event and those people were at the SPCA helping out at the animal shelter. Both events were a lot of fun and it was quite a scene in the warehouse as everyone was scrambling to get toys together and in the appropriate boxes.

We knew this event was going to be good even before it started and we weren’t the only ones. Baltimore Magazine came to cover our event! Check it out here: Thank you Jess and Lydia! It was great to have you there with us participating. Everyone was in such a great mood and we capped off our holiday event with our costume contest that will have to be an annual tradition. The winner showed up dressed like a reindeer in a full costume head to toe. It was pretty impressive and sets the bar very high for future competitions.         

Following the event we went to Union, a partner of ours, for drinks and good times. They have their bar open from 1-4 every Saturday and I would definitely recommend checking it out sometime soon. They had The Green Bowl food truck there and we had great beers, great food and a ton of fun with a lot of great people. Saturday was a huge success and we will definitely be doing this event again next year.