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Mission Statement

Improving Baltimore through increasing volunteerism.

What is Volunteering Untapped?

The concept is simple – we volunteer with a different nonprofit organization in Baltimore on the second Saturday of every month from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm, then spend the afternoon at a local bar for food, drinks, networking and fun with everyone who volunteered.

This program was created to give young professionals the opportunity for inspiring, rewarding and impactful experiences that will help forge a passion for future volunteering – both with our organization and on their own. Volunteering Untapped was born out of the realization that young professionals in Baltimore want to give back to their community, but simply don’t know the best way to get involved. We solve that problem.

Volunteering should be easy. Now it is.

Why Volunteering Untapped?

Baltimore possesses caring individuals who care about their communities and want to make a change. Up until now though, those individuals and their individual talents have been underutilized.

That’s where we come in. We strive to “untap” resources and opportunities in Baltimore for those we serve. We tap into the huge pool of talented young professionals in Baltimore who want to volunteer. We encourage those volunteers to tap into giving opportunities with Baltimore-area nonprofits, whether directly through our events, or through connections we help cultivate outside the structure of our program.

Volunteering in our community is incredibly important, and is something our organization is passionate about. But we want to make it clear that there’s a large social component to this as well. After helping the community on Saturday morning, we earn the right to tap beers at the bar, tap into new connections with other young people, and to tap into new opportunities and relationships through giving back and inspiring change in our communities.

Help us tap into the giving spirit of Baltimore.




Name: Emilie Drasher

Role at VU: Executive Director

My day job: VU Executive Director!

Favorite part about VU: The volunteers! Every month, our volunteers come to WORK! They make such a difference to our partners and always have such positive energy!

What I love most about Baltimore: How small it can feel but just how much there always is to explore

What superhero ability would you want: Flying


Name: Teddy Davidson

Role at VU: Board President

My day job: Co-founder, Tomana (a local pet-sitting platform)

Favorite VU event (so far): Building Legos with FIRST Lego League. Not only do I get to relive my childhood, but FIRST does a great job introducing students to STEM at a young age.

If I were a drink, I would be: an Old Fashioned.

What's your secret talent? Probably the worst-kept secret in the world, but dancing. Come to our Fake Wedding to see for yourself!


Name: Seth Franz

Role at VU: Founder and Board Vice President

My day job:  Director of Operations

Favorite VU event (so far): Untapping Potential Summit

What superhero ability would you want: Teleportation

What's the best advice you've ever gotten? You should do it

Name: Kha Le

Role at VU: Board Secretary

My day job: Assistant to the CCO at Paragon Gene Therapy

My spirit animal is: Definitely a cat. But not a proper house cat- think indoor/outdoor cat!

If I were a drink, I would be: Mezcal Con Pepino - refreshing and light with a kick of spice.

Favorite Baltimore City landmark: The George Peabody Library. Their "In the Stacks" events are my absolute favorite!

Name: Glenn Tallon

Role at VU: Treasurer

My day job: Tax accountant at PricewaterhouseCoopers


Name: John Magiros

Role at VU: Director of Finance

My day job: First Vice President at Morgan Stanley Financial


Name: Mike Poirot

Role at VU: Director of Programming

My day job: Construction Project Manager

Favorite VU event (so far): The Section 1 project in May 2015. This was the biggest project we had done to date and the most logistically challenging to plan and execute. I was extremely pleased how everything turned out and how much work we accomplished.

Favorite part about VU: The people! All of the great board members, committee members, volunteers, and partner organizations that have made this organization successful!

What I love most about Baltimore: The Charm! Baltimore just has a different feeling than other cities along the east coast. Something about the small town feeling of the individual neighborhoods makes this city special.

Dylan ViaCava

Name: Dylan ViaCava

Role at VU: Director of Programming

My day job: Real Estate Acquisitions at Continental Realty

Favorite VU event (so far): Our Field Day event with Living Classrooms. We had a great time playing sports and eating hot dogs with Living Classrooms' students.

Favorite Baltimore City landmark: Camden Yards is an iconic stadium. Even though I'm a proud Yankees fan, I love watching games at OPACY.

Where you'll find me on a Saturday morning (except for the 2nd one of the month): In line at THB.


Name: Heather Rustici

Role at VU: Director of Volunteer Engagement

My day job: Vice President for Jeffrey Brown Contracting

Favorite VU event (so far): Tree planting is always one of my favorites. Once while working in Northeast Baltimore planting trees throughout the community several neighborhood kids came out to help. Though their five-year old muscles didn't make much headway with moving dirt, they sure had a blast!

Favorite Baltimore City landmark: Patterson Park. It provides a natural oasis right in the heart of the city!

What's the best advice you've ever gotten? Your mindset is everything.


Name: Emily Schumacher

Role at VU: Director of Marketing

My day job: Marketing Director at HZDG

Favorite VU event (so far): Our 5th anniversary!

Favorite part about VU: meeting new people

My spirit animal is: fish, I love the water!


Name: Kelly Wilcox

Role at VU: Director of Events

My day job: Contracts Administration, IMPAQ International, LLC.

Favorite VU event (so far): Trash Wheel Dumpster Counting - I love that our volunteers get to sort and count trash that helps Healthy Harbor Initiative compile their statistics that lead to legislative change such as the polystyrene ban

Favorite Baltimore City landmark: Patterson Park Pagoda - where my husband proposed!

Where you'll find me on a Saturday morning (except for the 2nd one of the month): Taking our dogs on a long walk along the waterfront promenade in Canton & Fells Point with a stop at our favorite bakery, Pitango, for a breakfast sandwich