November 2014 – Youth Clothing and Book Swap with the 29th Street Community Center and Village Learning Place

VLP event blog


This month we had the opportunity to help out two great organizations at the same time. The 29th Street Community Center (link) and Village Learning Place (link) are both community centers that support their local neighborhoods with programs for people of all ages.

Our activity for the day was setting up for a youth clothing a book swap that the two organizations were running together. This is the first time they have done this event and we were thrilled to be there to help. People from these organizations respective neighborhoods came in to drop off clothing and book and we organized all of the clothing by age so the people participating in the swap could easily navigate. We finished a little early and we were able to do even more for the 29th Street Community Center for the remainder of the day, bringing flyers to homes in the neighborhood, removing trash and assisting with other assorted tasks that they needed help completing.

We had a great time supporting these organizations and if you have ay interest in participating in a swap like this, Village Learning Place will be hosting an identical event on December 13th.