January 2015 – Art with a Heart / Habitat for Humainty

In our January event, we split up our volunteers into two groups of thirty and then served at two different outstanding nonprofit organizations. Half of the group was at the Habitat for Humanity ReStore in Sandtown. It is cool to see the inner workings of some of these organizations that serve so many people. It is interesting to put in some of the behind the scenes work that is necessary, but does not always get seen. We were organizing materials that they use for their builds and loading stuff into their trucks so it can be taken to where it needs to go and eventually put in a home.

The other half of the group was working with Art with a Heart. Those volunteers put together mosaics that will be hung in schools, libraries and neighborhoods all over Baltimore. They also worked on some other craft projects that will be sold to buyers as a fundraise for Art with a Heart. Both events were so much fun and January was another successful month of giving back to some great area organizations.

Less than a year ago we had our first event. We begged our way to 9 volunteers. This month we expanded to two events, each with 30 people. We sold out our 60 spots in under 8 hours. It is a tremendous accomplishment for us and we are so grateful for the support of our partners and volunteers