April 2015 – Project Clean Stream with Blue Water Baltimore

We had beautiful weather for our April event with Blue Water Baltimore. We were on the shorelines of the Patapso and it was beautiful scenery for an event. We had 68 volunteers and collected 170+ bags of trash and 75+ bags of recyclables. We left the area in way better shape than it was in when we got there. It was incredible to see the difference! We were participating in Blue Water Baltimore’s Project Clean Stream, which is their big annual event. It went so well for us that I think we may make it an annual event.

We found all kinds of stuff, from tires to stuffed animals to car seats. It was incredible to see the huge pile of trash bags we had accumulated.At some events, you can see a before and after. It is always cool to see that you have made a difference and that difference was very evident at this event. We had a scavenger hunt and people would gather into teams and and compete to see how many points the could accumulate. The winning team collected three tires, a car seat and seemingly an entire bag of footwear, among the other things they gathered over the three hour event.

We did a great job that day and everyone enjoyed being out there on a beautiful day with Blue Water Baltimore.