June 2015 – Masonville Cove / Boone Street Farm / District 7 & 11 With Councilmen Mosby & Costello / BROS

For June, we had four events and had a great time at all of them. We did a shoreline cleanup at Living Classrooms Foundation’s Masonville Cove, which is an educational nature center that serves students all over Baltimore City. At Boone Street Farm, we were able to help out at one of Baltimore’s urban farms. Urban farms serve an extremely important function in Baltimore because they can provide healthy food to areas that are considered to be food deserts and there are many areas in Baltimore that fall into that category.

We also worked with City Councelmen Nick Mosby, from the 7th District, and Eric Costello, from the 11th. We were in an area that is shared by both districts and there were 15 lots that needed to be turned from vacant lots into community spaces that will hold gardens, playgrounds, art exhibitions and will serve as community spaces for decades to come. We were at the very beginning of this transformation and assisted with cleaning up the lots, removing weeds and preparing the sites for plantings and the next steps. We look forward to getting out there with the Councilmen again as the City completes this impressive transformation. 

Our final event was with the Baltimore Rock Opera Society (BROS) and they are one of the most fun nonprofits in Baltimore. They put on hilarious and highly impressive live productions that people all over Baltimore can enjoy. You should check out their tent at Artscape if you want to see what they are all about! We helped them organize sets and wardrobes, cleaned their back lot area so they could stage rehearsals out there and had a blast doing it. They also hosted our after party and we had music, beer pong, a food truck and a great time with the BROS.