August 2015 – Playworks / Art With A Heart

Our August events this year were just way too much fun. We volunteered with Playworks and Art With A Heart, two organizations we have helped out before and can’t wait to serve with again. We easily sold out both events and it is not surprising, given how much fun we had at both. Our Playworks event was at Hamilton Elementary/Middle School and we were painting games on the school’s blacktop area where the kids go out for recess. The students are off for summer vacation and I’m sure that when they return to start the school year, they will be thrilled with what they find. We painted games for them to play like hopscotch, four square, jump rope areas and relay race lanes. The play area looks so great now and the before and after photos were pretty incredible. We got some paint on ourselves, but no one cared. We were having too much fun.

Art With A Heart is another one of Baltimore’s very fun nonprofits and we were lucky to be able to pair these two together because they really are great compliments to each other. At Art With A Heart, we cut up pieces of mirror to be used for mosaics and put together mosaics ourselves. These mosaics will ultimately be put up in different neighborhoods or libraries around Baltimore and will add to the aesthetics of the area because they really do look pretty incredible when they are all done. After our events we went to Admiral’s Cup in Fells Point and had a blast. Some of the Playworks employees decided to join us and we just couldn’t resist doing another rock-paper-scissors tournament. There was a lot of cheering involved.