Calling All Nonprofits!

On Saturday, February 11th, 2017, Volunteering Untapped will be hosting the biggest event in our history. We are thrilled to be putting on our Untapping Potential Conference and will have a variety of ways to connect Baltimore-area nonprofits to local volunteers through our “Charity Tinder” volunteer fair. We will have 500 attendees there for our conference from 10-1, which will include speeches and panelists featuring Baltimore’s top social innovators and doers. Following the conference we will have a huge volunteer fair. The volunteer fair has 30 tables, which have all already been committed to the organizations our speakers represent and partner nonprofits Volunteering Untapped has served over our three years.

We want to feature as many organizations as possible, so we will have a separate table to host this bigger multi-organization component. This table will have a compilation of all of the other volunteer opportunities from the organizations that we couldn’t give a table to, but expressed interested in accessing our volunteers. To be included in this directory, please send us your organization name and address, the appropriate contact person at your organization their number and email, and 3-5 things for which your organization needs volunteers. Some examples of things you may include would be: a regular volunteer for a designated program, a short-term volunteer to assist with a particular task, a tech-savvy board member with a marketing background, a volunteer to chair your charity event, etc.  Your organization must be a nonprofit located in the Baltimore area that is in need of volunteers.

We will put together a directory with your information and the information of the other participating organizations for our volunteers to sort through. We will not be displaying any marketing materials or brochures for any of these organizations, but will have staff at the table to walk everyone through the nonprofits and the volunteer options. You may send representatives from your organization to attend the conference and the volunteer fair, but we can’t have them stationed at the table because we will already have that well-staffed and we expect the table to be fairly crowded.

If you are interested in being featured at our event, you may email us with the information we requested above in bold at

We look forward to hearing from you and hope you will submit your volunteer need. Thanks!