January- Second Chance and Baltimore Community Toolbank

To start the new year off right, we decided to get down to business with two of our Baltimore favorites, Second Chance, Inc. and the Baltimore Community Toolbank.

To refresh your memory, Second Chance is an organization that derives their name from the rehabilitation of materials, the environment, and people! They bring on employees who deserve a second chance in society and put them to work refurbishing materials, furniture, and other donated goods. Their dual mission helps the people of Baltimore and the environment.

Our volunteers enjoy spending time at Second Chance for a variety of reasons. 1) You get a fresh perspective while working alongside the Second Chance employees and hearing their stories. 2) You typically get a great workout in while you’re moving reclaimed wood or processing lumber. 3) You see some prety interesting things in their warehouse…House of Cards set furniture! This month we stripped nails from reclaimed wood, but also took part in Second Chance’s #hashtag photo challenge spreading the good work of their organization.

The other half of our volunteers spent their time at the Baltimore Community Toolbank. We wholeheartedly support the Toolbank’s mission as it frequently helps us further our own! The Toolbank extends the impact of local non-profits through tool stewardship by allowing them to rent ladders, rakes, shovels, etc. at 3% of their retail value. This leads to more trees planted, playgrounds painted, and parks revitalized. This month we took part in some off-season branding by re-painting their tools and helping with general maintenance in order to help them fulfill their MLK Day orders. We had a great time, and took pride in knowing the ripple effect that would occur from our work that day.

To go with the theme of ‘what’s old is new again’, we celebrated the day’s work at Social Pub & Pie in Federal Hill. Social has always been good to us, and we love their half price salads and pizzas!

Check out our friends below who made January’s events possible. And as always, if you’re interested in getting more involved with one of our partnering organizations, reach out!

Second Chance
Take a trip to Ridgely Street to walk around and do some shopping for yourself!

Baltimore Community Toolbank
Only the third ToolBank in the country, the Baltimore Community ToolBank is part of a national movement to bring Tools for Change to Maryland.

Social Pub and Pie
Life is better with pizza.