Help Volunteering Untapped on December 2 for #GivingTuesday

You’ve been prepping all week for Thanksgiving. You’re ready to battle the shoppers on Black Friday. You’re amped about Cyber Monday. But have you heard of #GivingTuesday?

What, you haven’t? Really? Well friend, let us explain. #GivingTuesday is a national movement to encourage Americans to make charitable contributions around the holidays, specifically on Tuesday, Dec. 2. #GivingTuesday follows the Thanksgiving shopping madness in the hopes that as people are preparing to do their holiday shopping, they will set aside money for charitable giving.

Volunteering Untapped is getting in on the #GivingTuesday fun this year. Several of you have given your time, showing that you’re an awesome person. We’re hoping you’ll continue that awesomeness, and be willing to make a tax-deductible gift to us so we can continue to organize fun, rewarding and impactful events that bring about positive change for the organizations and people we serve. No matter how small your gift may be, we would be honored for you to choose us.

We put all funds raised towards hosting events at many of Baltimore’s wonderful nonprofit organizations. We also have a matching grant pledge from a generous donor, so every dollar donated, up to $2,500, gets doubled. Just like our mantra, we’ll keep it easy. Just head to our Volunteering Untapped website to donate:

We’re thankful that in barely a year, our volunteer events have continued to grow, allowing us to help numerous area nonprofits and make an impact in the Baltimore community. We’re thankful for the time of our volunteers, knowing that 10 a.m. can come mighty early after a Friday night. We’re thankful that we’ve had so many nonprofits and local restaurants willing to partner with us, and pledge to do so in 2015. And we would be ever so thankful if you would be willing to make a donation to us on #GivingTuesday.

Again, thank you so much and we look forward to making 2015 even better!