May 2015 – Cleaning Up Section 1 Project

Our event in May was easily our biggest and best yet. We volunteered with Section 1 Project ( at their site. It was a 3.5 acre site completely covered in trash when we got there and there was not a single piece of trash to be found when we left. It was important for us to do this massive cleanup so they could begin construction on the site, which will be activated as a community space and transformed into the worlds’s largest urban arts park. It will include three concert venues, an 18,000 square foot skate park, an acre of green space and over 70,000 square feet of paintable surfaces.

It was our job to clear everything our and we did an incredible job. The City picked up the trash and estimated out total at 40,000 pounds of trash. 20 tons! It is pretty hard to believe. It is really remarkable that we were able to accumulate that much trash in just the three hours we were at the site. The incredible willingness and spirit of the Volunteering Untapped volunteers astounds everyone on the board and we are so thrilled to be in a city whose residents are so deeply about the city in which they live.

We can’t wait to see what future events bring. We are working to have a big impact with every event we put on and with volunteers like the ones we get out to our events, we know that will happen every time.