February – Living Classrooms Foundation / Franciscan Center / The Bmore Group

February has been another great month for Volunteering Untapped and we were able to hold events with three different nonprofits at three different locations this month. Everyone had a lot of fun and did a lot of good with three important Baltimore organizations. We were back with Living Classrooms Foundation at their center in Patterson Park and this time we hosted a Valentine’s Day extravaganza. We had about 40 kids from the neighborhood show up to bake and decorate all kinds of Valentine’s Day treats. They made some healthy fruit smoothies to go along with the sweets like cookies and cupcakes. Everyone had a great time and the kids really loved it.

We also were at the Franciscan Center where we helped arrange all of their donations. They get a lot of clothing donations and we need to sort them by gender and size so they can give them to families and individuals in need. The Franciscan Center does so much to feed, clothe and support Baltimore’s most vulnerable citizens. We also worked with The Bmore Group, an outstanding new organization started by three friends in Baltimore. We helped them with their third event of this kind and this was a “Books and Brunch” event that we hosted at the Poe Homes. We brought hundreds of books to give out to the kids and adults in attendance and fed everyone. We had a ton of food! And it took that much food. It was a great to interact with the residents of the Poe Homes and be with them as we all enjoyed the entertainment and educational seminars that were presented during the event.