May – Section 1 Project/ Whitelock Community Farm/ Real Food Farm

May was a good month for us. We were thankful for a sunny day after three weeks of rain. We partnered with old friends at Section1 Project and made new connections with Whitelock Community Farm and Real Food Farm.


You may remember we volunteered with Section1 last May to clear 40,000 pounds of trash from their 3.5 acre lot. This month we helped with their new initiative, Section1 Creative Labs, which is a coworking site for those who are in need of space to create, whether their interest is in painting, photography, video production, etc. Our volunteers cleaned, painted, and tore down walls to ready the space for launch. Section1 continues to inspire and impress us with their ideas and passion for the city. We’re thrilled that our volunteers are able to further Section1’s efforts to shape communities and enrich lives.

Additionally, we provided community impact in May through our work with local urban farms. Weeding, mulching, and planting trees was on the to-do list, but our volunteers also learned about the importance of urban farms and what they do for a community. In our city where 1 in 5 residents doesn’t have easy access to healthy food, farms like Whitelock and Real Food truly make a difference not only by increasing access, but also through promoting awareness.


To celebrate the day’s hard work, we shook off the dust and dirt and headed to Social Pub & Pie in Federal Hill for drinks and a delicious, all-you-can-eat pizza buffet.

To learn more or connect with our partners, visit:

Section1 Project

Whitelock Community Farm

Real Food Farm

Social Pub & Pie